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CADCCertified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (various organizations)
CADCCentral Air Data Computer
CADCCrash Analysis Data Collector
CADCCollege of Architecture, Design and Construction (Auburn University; Alabama)
CADCCanadian Astronomy Data Centre
CADCChild and Dependent Care (taxes)
CADCChristian Anti-Defamation Commission
CADCCommunity Adult Day Care
CADCCharlottetown Area Development Corporation
CADCCanadian Association of Diving Contractors (North York, Ontario, Canada)
CADCChinese Association Dance Crew
CADCCarroll Area Development Corporation (Carroll, IA)
CADCCommon Artemis Driving Cycle
CADCCentral Area Distribution Center
CADCCrown Assets Distribution Centre (Canada)
CADCCertified Alcohol and Other Drugs of Addiction Counselor
CADCComputer-Aided-Drawing Computer
CADCCentral Asia Development Consultants (India)
CADCCorps Air Defense Center
CADCCaisse Associative de Dépôt et de Crédit (French: Deposit and Credit Associative Fund; Mali)
CADCCampaign Against DWP Corruption (UK)
CADCCertified Alzheimer's Coach (healthcare)
CADCComplex Analog-to-Digital Converter
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It is also pertinent to note that most of the forums including recent CADC, Boao Forum for Asia, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, ASEAN and several others, have always been encouraged, led and supported by China.
Even for groups who do manage to obtain a CADC or CADT, recognition
Previously, this SNP was reported to have an association with risk of CHD in combined analysis of German and UK populations (P=2.9x10-8) and an independent analysis of European populations (P=0.020) (Samani et al., 2007; CADC, 2009).
TFI Envision received two Awards of Excellence at the 43nd Annual CADC Awards Show:
Addiction is the ongoing use of mood-altering substances, such as alcohol and drugs, despite adverse consequences (Kathy Bettinardi-Angres, MS, RN, APN, CADC, and Daniel H.
Je dois admettre que la realisation de ce film a ete difficile, notamment avec la premiere production du Centre algerien pour le developpement du cinema(CADC), qui n'est pas assez experimente dans ce domaine.
Fernandez, LCSW, CADC, is the deputy commissioner of the Division of Support Services with the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.
Sao elas: de Capacitacao e Desenvolvimento (Capacit), Acompanhamento de Desempenho e Carreira (CADC), Arquivo, Assessoria Tecnica da Progep, Diretoria de Desempenho e Desenvolvimento (DDD), Servico de Atendimento ao Usuario (SAU) e Diretoria de Gestao de Pessoal (DGP).
Mr Bradbury says a series of new premises, the volunteer recruitment drive and a cut in management costs the merger offered makes certain CADC's future on the high street.
For an insightful perspective on the merits decision, see Jack Goldsmith, Quick Reaction to CADC's Analysis in Zivotofsky, LAWFARE (July 24, 2013, 6:08 PM),
Using these maps, CPI field staff traveled to selected segments and "listed" them, meaning that the field staff agents recorded the addresses of all housing units using Computer-Assisted Data Collection (CADC) software on their tablet computers.
In 229/11, loss of cadA (lysine decarboxylase) activity is caused by repositioning of the of the cadA activator gene, CadC, upstream of the cadA gene and a 90-bp deletion at the 5' end of cadC.