CADCACommunity Anti-Drug Coalitions of America
CADCACPA (Certified Public Accountant) Auto Dealer Consultants Association (Nashville, TN)
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Coalitions envisioned in the Drug Free Communities program, CADCA, RAND Getting to Outcomes, University of Kansas Community Tool Box, and other funding or technical assistance organizations are characterized by a high degree of engagement with all stakeholders, thorough data-based needs assessment, and comprehensive plans that drive activities of the collaborating parties.
The ICMI tribal coalitions appeared to be useful but seemed to fall short of the level of engagement and authority envisioned in the Drug Free Communities program, CADCA, and others.
We need a reality check," Arthur Dean, CADCA CEO and chairman, said in a press statement Nov.
CHPA and CADCA also teamed up with the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) on a "newspaper in education" supplement.
Pham was recognized for committing time, energy and resources "to help kids stay drug-free," according to CADCA chairman and CEO Arthur Dean.
With the support of Phamatech, CADCA developed "Coalitions and Drug Testing: At Home, In School, At Work," the 50th publication in CADCA's Strategizer series.
The United States continued to support substance abuse and prevention programs in 2013, in partnership with the SANCA and CADCA.
SECCATID, NAS, USAID and CADCA (Community Anti-Drugs Coalitions of America) also worked in three municipalities to build healthier, drug free communities.
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