CADDSCalifornia Alcohol and Drug Data System (Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs)
CADDSContiguous Abcd1/Dxs1375e Deletion Syndrome
CADDSComputer Aided Design and Drafting Software (ComputerVision CAD/CAM software)
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CADDS 5 offers adaptable, hybrid modeling capabilities that enable users to optimize their design approach to meet specific product development needs.
New capabilities of CADDS 5 include a number of modeling features.
Tianjin New Harbor Shipyard led the industry in adopting CADDS 5i, which offers flexible 3D hybrid modeling and 2D drafting capabilities across a broad application range, easing engineers' workload, and freeing up their time to develop more innovative products.
CADDS 5i R14 allows users to create irregular branched systems improving the utilization of all available space and the quality of the design.
The suite of CADDS 5i solutions enables users to reference each other's evolving designs and facilitate concurrent engineering in a fully digitized ship design and 3D modeling environment.
The completion of the Windchill and CADDS 5i implementation now makes Wuchang Shipyard one of the most technologically advanced enterprises in our industry.
Once again PTC is showing its commitment to its valued CADDS 5i customers with another high quality and comprehensive release," said Jon Stevenson, executive vice president and general manager, MCAD at PTC.
The PTC i-Series of flexible engineering solutions, underpinned by PTC's Windchill, also features Pro/MECHANICA, DIVISION, Pro/DESKTOP, ICEM, CDRS, InPart, CADDS 5i, and MEDUSA.
Parametric Technology Corporation, Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA, CADDS and InPart are registered trademarks and all names in the PTC product family as well as the PTC logo are trademarks of Parametric Technology Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries.
CADDS 5i R10 is the latest version of PTC's 3D mechanical design automation suite used by some of the world's largest discrete manufacturing companies for the product design and engineering of airplanes, ships and automobiles.
CADDS 5i R10 features interoperability with other PTC i-Series applications via the Associative Topology Bus (ATB) and introduces significant new surfacing capabilities as well as new manufacturing functionality.