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Caption: From across the sea, (actually Clinton, Washington) came the Cadee Distillery owner/sales representative complete with kilt Scotsman Colin Campbell.
With Madgen, Cadee and Duinker scoring six apiece, the Kings upped their lead to 43-28 at the half.
Colt is now 18 and racing to keep ahead of his siblings, 15-year-old Cody, 11-year-old Cadee and 7-year-old Casey.
His blond family--Carolyn, Cadee and Chad--is off a cornflakes box.
Mommy Joan Lavadia shares, "What I like most about the workshop is that I get the chance to learn something new with my daughter Cadee. The activities help develop the kid's sense of independence because they want to do it with less assistance."
Also returning are second-team all-state outfielder Whitney Harris and all-league infielders Crysta Conn, Cadee Kinne, Nikki Bassett, Tori Walker and Jazmine Crowe.
Styles by Cadee, 537 Orondo St., Wenatchee; Salon Cappelli stylist.
The lineup lists Maker, Lisch, 6-4 Matthew Dellavedova of the Milwaukee Bucks, 6-5 Cameron Giddon, 6-2 Jason Cadee, 6-9 Nick Kay, 6-2 Mitch McCarron, 6-10 Daniel Kickert, 6-8 Jesse Wagstaff, 6-10 Angus Brandt, 6-4 Chris Goulding and 6-3 Nathan Sobey.
Cadee's mom started dressing her up ever since she was born, which lead to her working with Gap and Eastwood Mall at the age of 3.
Cadee Hale, Taylor's assistant for several years, will succeed him as manager.