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CADFChina-Africa Development Fund (est. 2006)
CADFCentralised Airspace Data Function
CADFChina Aviation Development Foundation
CADFComité de l'Abus de Droit Fiscal (French: Committee on Tax Law Abuse)
CADFCommittee for Advanced DBMS (Database Management System) Function
CADFCentre d'Abattage de Dindes du Faouet (French: Faouet Turkey Slaughter Center; Le Faouet, France)
CADFContract Administrative Data File
CADFCommutated-Antenna Direction Finder
CADFConducting Airways Deposition Fraction
CADFConfederate Arcing Deadeye Fighters (gaming clan)
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Hashem Pesaran, Takeshi Yamagata, Syed Basher and Carrion-i-Silvestre for providing Gauss codes for running the CD, CADF and CIPS tests, and the CBL panel stationarity tests with multiple-structural breaks, respectively.
Table 6 The Pesaran CADF Unit-Root Test Results With With Intercept Intercept and Trend Country [CADF.
SAM forces were recognized as the primary CADF element, while fighters were secondary.
Generally, the chain represented the first line of CADF forces, while fighters were to operate behind it.
In 1959, US strategic bomber tactics altered in favor of low-altitude penetration, prompting the Soviet CADF to improve its capabilities of engaging low-flying targets.
The air-defense units of the Soviet ground forces were mostly concerned about the Pershing IIs, but the main concern of the CADF were cruise missiles.
It was decided to merge the CADF with the air-defense formations of the ground forces.
Since 1980, the CADF program (SA-10) was designated S-300P (P coming from PVO-Strany, a code letter for CADF system), while ground forces program (SA-12) was designated as S-300V (V from Voyska, a code letter for ground-forces equipment).
At the end of the decade, Soviet CADF were less numerous but much better equipped and represented quite an effective network.
Specifications and profiles produced by the CADF will help protect the investments of companies seeking to move their applications to cloud deployment models and preserve their ability to audit operational processes, regardless of their chosen cloud provider.
The CADF forms a key piece of DMTF's overall cloud strategy.
The CADF expects a preliminary specification to be ready within the next year.