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CADISCalar Alto Deep Imaging Survey
CADISCommunity Asset and Development Information System (Arkansas)
CADISConsistent Adjoint-Driven Importance Sampling (variance reduction method used with Monte Carlo simulations)
CADISCommunication Architecture for Distributed Interactive Simulation
CADISCoronary Artery Disease in Saudis (cardiology study; Saudi Arabia)
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Medicaid patients showed a significant linear correlation between CADIS scores and both total monthly costs of atopic dermatitis care and monthly costs adjusted by family size and income.
Among the most common problems that students mentioned when giving their opinions about the no-class courses was how difficult it was for them when they had to commute from their schools to the Language Centre or to the USBI where the CADIs are located and where the counselling sessions took place.
The company said that the acquisition of C8 will allow Cadis to integrate enterprise data management with reporting technology, allowing customers to extract this information into internal and external reports.
Certain IHS Group companies will license the CADIS Krakatoa technology to provide access to IHS databases over the Internet and the customer's own intranets.
Cadis said that its data management platform enables Brandes to more effectively manage its security, price and currency data.
Valterra, which is based in Mission Hills, Calif., has manufactured its products near the Blue Devil factory in Mexico for 10 years, making the acquisition a natural fit, said Cadis.
The Cadis EDM Suite and the Cadis rapid implementation methodology allows Aberdeen to quickly integrate multiple data sources and utilise the information in their front office systems, according to Cadis.
According to Cadis, its EDM Suite manages and enriches the complex data required to feed order management, compliance, accounting and risk systems in a consistent, controlled environment.
As an EDM supplier, Cadis focusses on the buy-side market.
The Cadis EDM Suite reportedly manages and enriches the data required to feed order management, compliance, accounting and risk systems in a consistent, fully audited environment.
According to the company, the Cadis EDM Suite integrates with existing architectures, providing an accessible, central platform for cleansed, intelligent data.
The Austrian company software AG has teamed up with the Stuttgart-based IT consultancy CADIS Information Systems to deliver electronic customer relationship management (eCRM) systems to the German energy supply market.