CADLCaro Area District Library (Michigan)
CADLCompact Aerial Data Logger (flight test)
CADLCheesecake Anti-Defamation League
CADLComputer Architecture Design Laboratory
CADLComputer Aided Design Laboratory (Supercomputer Education and Research Institute; Indian Institute of Science; Bangalore, India)
CADLCommunicative Activities of Daily Living
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CADL ran ads during local morning newscasts, TODAY, and Good Morning America, while also featuring them on its YouTube channel and through social media.
Lansing has seven weekly newspapers that residents can access free of charge, and CADL is featured in each on a regular basis via columns written by the library staff.
CADL 98 is useful in mapping the genome of cultivated alfalfa, ploidy series research, cytogenetic research, direct crossing with diploids of falcata and caerulea subspp, chromosome doubling to produce tetraploids with only one or two alleles per locus, and all aspects of genetic research where disomic genetic ratios are desirable.
Five grams of seed of CADL 98 will be distributed until the supply is depleted.
Madison Alfalfa Diploid (MAD) was chosen from a cross between two CADL (Cultivated Alfalfa at the Diploid Level, M.
Software includes bi-directional data translators for IGES, DXF, CADL, STL, VDA, and ASCII.
Users can benefit from the "best" product available for a specific function from a variety of CAD/CAM vendors using bidirectional translators for IGES, ASCII, DXF, STL, VDA, and CADL with their NC programs.
Existing IGES, DXF, and CADL translators have been improved with Surfcam Version 4.
Standard software can translate RS 274D, DXF, and CADL formats.