CADPConstruction and Analysis of Distributed Processes
CADPCoalition Against Database Piracy
CADPCertified Analyst in Demand Planning
CADPCollagen-Adenosine Diphosphate
CADPCentral Area Data Processing
CADPCapital Asset Development Plan (Australia)
CADPCoordinator for Automatic Data Processing
CADPComputer-Assisted Design of Prosthesis
CADPCooperative Antenna Development Program
CADPConstruction Acceptance Data Package
CADPcollaborative Advanced Design Project (Darmstadt University of Technology)
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I've been trying to get CADP for the last two years because it is just adjacent to my plant.
He said that, if they get to acquire CADP's assets, they will need to rehabilitate the land and the facilities to boost production.
class="MsoNormalThe CADP report indicates that only 53 wards out of 85 in the city have offices, which are rented spaces.
Although tractor hiring was not directly funded from the budget of the Ministry of Agriculture in 2010, a number of tractors were purchased by the CADP, a World Bank--assisted project that is also involved in providing tractor hiring services.
Serwe, "CADP 2011 : a toolbox for the construction and analysis of distributed processes", Int J Soft Tools Technol Transfer, vol.
For example, under conditions of caloric restriction, luminal cyclic adenosine diphosphate (cADP) derived from Paneth cells induces IESC.
"Though the government has formulated and implemented some market related projects such as UNATI, CADP, more work is needed in terms of market research and agriculture extension services, development of market infrastructure, capacity development of specialized agencies such as Cardamom Development Centre, Pakhribas Agriculture Research Station, Agriculture Development Offices, designing special provisions like declaration of Growth Centre, Special Economic Zone, and partnership between government and private sector to promote high value low volume commercial agriculture." (32)
The CADP held a Mass at the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines building in Intramuros, Manila, on Monday on the occasion of World Day Against Death Penalty.
(2015) reported that toxification involves the binding of Cry toxins produced by Bacillus thuringiensis to specific cellular receptors like CADP (cadherin-like protein), a GPI (glycosylphosphatidyl-inositol)-anchored APN (aminopeptidase-N), a GPI-anchored ALP (alkaline phosphatase) and a 270-kDa glycoconjugate.
The country accident data processing (CADP) software was designed to merge the data.
Table 1: Comparison of age and BMI by Tukey-Kramer multiple comparisons test of controls with CAD-negative (CADN) and CAD- positive (CADP) diabetic dyslipidemia subjects Parameter Control (n = 129), mean [+ or -] SEM Age 45.77 [+ or -] 1.36 BMI 24.26 [+ or -] 0.39 Parameter Subjects with dyslipidemia and diabetes (n = 65) CADN, mean [+ or -] SEM CADP, mean [+ or -] SEM (n = 38) (n = 27) Age 54.71 [+ or -] 1.64 ** 51.37 [+ or -] 1.78ns BMI 26.48 [+ or -] 0.72ns 26.23 [+ or -] 0.87ns Parameter p, CADN vs.