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CADPATCanadian Disruptive Pattern (Canadian Department of National Defence camouflage uniform)
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Estimates of the potential cost of replacing CADPAT with a new uniform run as high as $500 million.
Cramer noted NATO testing has shown CADPAT to be still a highly effective camouflage, even though the pattern was developed almost 20 years ago.
Caption: ABOVE RIGHT: Taxpayers spent millions of dollars developing and supplying CADPAT camo.
A search of Tuckett's online social media profile revealed multiple images of him in both the CADPAT uniform he was arrested with, as well as a PPCLI dress uniform, complete with medals.
While former members are entitled to keep their dress uniforms and similar clothing items, CADPAT uniform items are considered controlled goods by the CAF and are prohibited from sale or donation.
Cramer becomes animated when he speaks of the waste of time and money that apparently went into the creation of CADPAT. "The CF took three years and several millions of dollars to develop CADPAT.
Development of the original CADPAT design took about a year.
shortages of clothing and basic equipment and a lack of medals Even the new CADPAT uniforms (AT RIGHT) lose their colour after successive washings.
According to LCol Jacques Levesque, the head of the subject development project, the introduction of DP clothing means: "The enemy must (now) get 35 per cent closer to detect a Canadian soldier wearing the temperate climate camouflage, and overall, the enemy is 45 per cent less likely to spot one of our soldiers dressed in CADPAT."
By adopting a CADPAT with a more fire-retardant material, the military will have significantly enhanced the survivability of its fighting man and woman.