CADRSConcern And Deficiency Reporting System (Joint Staff)
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24.7% of patients represent miscellaneous cADRs (Table 3).
As the pattern of CADRs is changing every year with the introduction of new medications and evolving prescription practices, understanding its precise nature may help narrow down the search for the offending drug.
Between 1 May and 31 August 2013, 7 patients with suspected FDCA-related CADRs presented to Groote Schuur Hospital.
It shows that for those PACs tested, HEPA and ESP PACs have the best removal performance in terms of UFP CADRs and single-pass efficiencies (SPEs).
* Most CADRs are not serious and resolve on drug withdrawal and resolve despite continuation of the offending drug in cases where there is no alternative drug.
Blueair, which scores highest in CADR, will ship the smallest of its five units in the second half.
Base case assumptions range from a 0.25% constant annual default rate (CADR) for IG corporates and multi-sector deals to a 2.0% CADR for HY bonds, while the stressed case scenarios assume a range between 1.0% CADR for multi-sector collateral and 4.0% CADR for HY bonds.
The association between the occurrence of carbamazepine-induced cADRs and the HLA allele among the Thai population has been reported previously in only one study.
The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers continues to supply consumers with ratings and information about air cleaning on its dedicated Web site,
Secondary cutaneous eruptions following immune checkpoint blockade therapy appear to show many histological findings distinct from those of classic cADRs [43].
The objective arbiter for measuring and comparing air cleaners remains the site
The Energy Star program "is a good beginning, but the standard it sets is too easy to achieve." Rittri said CADR is "a fair measure," but what's needed is a comparison of CADRs per watt.