CADVCenter against Domestic Violence (Brooklyn, NY)
CADVCardiovascular Associates of the Delaware Valley (Haddon Heights, NJ)
CADVCombined Alternate Data Voice
CADVChild and Adolescent Development
CADVCommission against Domestic Violence (Tacoma, WA)
CADVClaim Advice Queue
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In CADV, however, asymmetric development may be present; pathology may be due to genetic or environmental factors.
CADV (Figure 4b) has a dilated vestibule and SCCs at the posterolateral part of the IAC fundus, which is their usual location.
The Questionnaire on Attitudes toward Diversity and Violence (CADV) (Diaz-Aguado & Martinez-Arias, 2004) was administered to evaluate attitudes on diversity and violence.
The variables were the 24 character strengths, the four factors of the CADV questionnaire on attitudes toward violence and the two types of sexism.
To assess attitudes towards violence, we administered the "Cuestionario de Actitudes hacia la Diversidad y la Violencia" (CADV, In English, the Questionnaire of Attitudes towards Diversity and Violence; Diaz-Aguado & Martinez Arias, 2004).
Established by the CADV, the workgroup and a smaller training subcommittee developed a curriculum rooted in available research to cross-train various disciplines on each other's perspectives, roles, and responsibilities in responding to cases of family violence.
None of the rodents captured in Chihuahua (n = 9), Coahuila (n = 16), Guanajuato (n = 8), Oaxaca (n = 64), Puebla (n = 15), Sinaloa (n = 9), Sonora (n = 22), or Tlaxcala (n = 16) were antibody-positive to CADV strain VHV-574.