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CAEDECommitted Annual Effective Dose Equivalent
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(15) Barnes also printed Skeltonicall Salutation, or Condigne Gratulation | And Just Vexation | Of the Spanish Nation, | That in a Bravado, | Spent Many a Crusado | In Setting Forth an Armado | England to Invado (Oxford, 1589), anonymous lines that condemn the 'factione Guisiana' and, like De caede, pun on 'Medicis' [Catherine de] Medicis and as 'doctor', the 'Chirugis avaris' (sig.
Just as spoliatis aera supersunt in 8.124 would be intolerably obscure without the preceding list of weapons,(35) so sicca morte in 10.113 would be quite unintelligible without the preceding sine caede ac uulnere.
quod ubi Damasus, qui semper episcopatum ambierat, comperit, omnes quadrigarios et imperitam multitudinem pretio concitat et armatus fustibus ad basilicam Iuli perrumpit et magna fidelium caede per triduum debacchatus est.