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CAESCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (University of Georgia)
CAESCaesar (title assumed by Roman Emperors)
CAESCentre for Applied English Studies (Hong Kong)
CAESCompressed Air Energy Storage
CAESConnecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
CAESCatch and Effort Statistics (database; Western Australia)
CAESComputer Aided Engineering Solutions
CAESComputer-Assisted Execution System
CAESCaprine Arthritis Encephalitis Syndrome
CAESCanadian Agricultural Economics Society
CAESComputer Aided Ergonomics and Safety
CAESCentro de Asesoría y Estudios Sociales (Spanish)
CAESCenter for Advanced Energy Systems
CAESComputer Aided Earthmoving System
CAESComité d'Action et d'Entraide Sociales (French)
CAESCenter for Advanced Educational Services
CAESChina Auto Electronics Show (trade show)
CAESClassical Association of the Empire State
CAESCertificat d'Aptitude à l'Enseignement Secondaire (French: Certificate in Secondary Education; various locations)
CAESConsorzio Assicurativo Etico Solidale (Italian)
CAESCenter for Advanced Engineering Study
CAESColorado Agricultural Experiment Station
CAESCircumpolar PhD Network in Arctic Environmental Studies
CAESCollaborative for Applied Experiences in Science
CAESCaribbean Agro-Economic Society
CAESConsumer Alliance for Energy Security
CAESCorporate Actions Enhanced Services
CAESCenter for Agricultural Economic Studies
CAESCertificate of Advanced Educational Studies
CAESConejo Adventist Elementary School
CAESCertificate of Advanced Educational Specialization
CAESCentral Accounting Extract System
CAESCrédit Agricole Epargne Longue des Salariés
CAESCeská Asociace Extrémních Sportu (Czech Republic)
CAESCascade Architectural and Engineering Supply
CAESCommittee of ACTA Endocrinologica Countries
CAESColorado Association of Education Specialists
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There are two CAES plants in operation worldwide, namely Macintosh and Huntorf.
The lifetime costs for a CAES system can make it work as a means for storing cheap off-peak electricity and selling it during peak hours, but capital costs and difficulties finding suitable geological structures (generally caverns within salt formations) have limited the technology's applications.
According to Heid, CAES is an enabling technology that allows clients to store bulk electrical power on a utility scale and withdraw it on demand when the power is needed.
For the Castle ALZ project, engineers from Caterpillar installed the CAES terminals on two 613B scrapers and two deployable universal combat earthmovers (DEUCEs).
Although CAES now functions smoothly and seamlessly at Collahuasi, it wasn't that way at the beginning.
CAES helps the mine to recover thinner seams, where previously that coal might have been dozed off with the waste
CAES and the Senate agriculture and consumer affairs committee sponsor the program.
Compressed air energy storage, or CAES, uses off-peak electricity from the grid to compress air that is stored at high pressures in natural underground repositories.
The most interesting sites for CAES power plants are regions where caverns of worked-out salt mines are present.
It employs a Modular Mining Dispatch system, but for added security also uses Caterpillar's CAES -- Computer Aided Earthmoving System (MM, May 1998, p.