CAESACanada-Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Agreement
CAESAComputer Assisted Estimation of Synthetic Accessibility
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To our best knowledge, this is the first study about treatment preferences comparing VRET with other forms of computer-based treatments (CAE-T and CAESA).
Canada-Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture Agreement (CAESA).
The topos of the ship carrying overseas war and trade (including the synecdochal use of pinus for ship) is taken from Ovid ("Nondum caesa suis, peregrinum ut viseret orbem, / montibus in liquidis pinus descenderat undas," Met.
15 aut herba lapathi prata amantis et gravi malvae salubres corpori vel agna festis caesa Terminalibus vel haedus ereptus lupo.
et laevo pressit pede talia fatus exanimem, rapiens immania pondera baltei impressumque nefas: una sub nocte iugali caesa manus iuvenum foede thalamique cruenti, quae Clonus Eurytides multo caelaverat auro.
Compressed air energy storage in aquifers (CAESA), which costs less and has a wider availability, is becoming more attractive compared with CAESC [2,14].
By siding with Anthony against the conspirators, the citizens of Julius Caesa r cement Rome's future as imperial state, and the unified army in Henry V becomes not only an efficient fighting machine to oppose the French but also the corporate expression of English patriotism.
This study could not have been conducted without initial funding from the Soil Quality Evaluation Project (SQEP) of the National Soil Conservation Program (NSCP), and the Soil Quality Component of the Resource Monitoring Program of the Canada-Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (CAESA) Agreement.