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CAESARCatalogue of Arcade Emulation Software - the Absolute Reference
CAESARCandidate Aes for Analysis and Reviews
CAESARCoalition Aerial Surveillance And Reconnaissance
CAESARCache Embedded Switch Architecture
CAESARComputational-Intensive Applications for Engineering, Design, and Simulation on Scalable Parallel Architectures
CAESARCivilian American & European Surface Anthropometry Resource
CAESARComputer-Aided Exploration of Synthetic Aperture Radar
CAESARComplaint Analysis Evaluation System and Reports
CAESARComponent And Engine Structural Assessment Research (USAF/P&W)
CAESARCondition and Environment Sensing and Reporting
CAESARComputer Aided Engineering Stress Analysis Routines
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Caesar began gathering troops to come to the rescue.
General readers looking for an accessible biography of Caesar should consider acquiring this book.
A soothsayer supposedly warned Caesar about the Ides of March--perhaps merely trying to pass along some security information in the trappings of prophecy.
Conversely, Julius Caesar has also been interpreted as a denunciation of Caesar and a tribute to the republican nobility of Brutus and Cassius.
Pompey and Crassus stood on either side of Caesar and defied the Senate.
This was the personality of the man who dominated his age like no other before or since, saving only One who came into the world a few decades later to preach the coming of a very different kind of kingdom from that espoused by Caesar and his confederates, and who had nothing in common with Julius Caesar except his initials.
On April 18, Caesar and some other soldiers were dispatched, in tank-like vehicles called self-propelled howitzers, to a "hot sector.
But what exactly was Caesar eluding to when he said it?
Caesar did communicate values in his school, of course, but his were those of the model citizen.
In addition to Joint STARS and HORIZON, the CAESAR project will develop interoperability with the Italian CRESO, the U.
NON-VEGETARIAN: According to Boston Market, the following may contain animal-derived enzymes: black beans and rice, broccoli and red peppers, Caesar salad, buttered corn, honey wheat and white roll, macaroni and cheese, Mediterranean pasta salad, new potatoes, Jumpin' Juice squares, squash casserole, rice pilaf, creamed spinach, stuffing, tortellini salad, gravies