CAFAClass Action Fairness Act of 2005 (US)
CAFACommunity Action to Fight Asthma
CAFAChina Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing, China)
CAFACanadian Association of Farm Advisors (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
CAFAConfederation of Alberta Faculty Associations
CAFACanadian Association of Freediving and Apnea
CAFACentre Académique de Formation Administrative
CAFACollege of Architecture and Fine Arts
CAFAClub d'Affaires Franco-Allemand (French: Franco-German Business Club)
CAFACriminal Activity Forfeiture Act (Missouri)
CAFAChinese American Faculty Association
CAFACoated Abrasives Fabricators Association
CAFACanadian Australian Football Association
CAFACommittee on Admissions and Financial Aid
CAFACitizens Against Forced Annexation
CAFACalifornia Alfalfa and Forage Association
CAFACercle Amical France Allemagne
CAFAConnecticut Association For Aviculture
CAFAChemically Activated Fly Ash
CAFACremation and Funeral Alternatives
CAFACanadian Airborne Forces Association
CAFACoal Aston Football Academy (UK)
CAFACommittee on Anti-Filipino Activities
CAFACanadian Arab Friendship Association
CAFACharities Aid Foundation America
CAFAChina-Arab Friendship Association
CAFACapital Area Franchise Association
CAFACapital Area Families for Adoption
CAFACalifornia Ancient Forest Alliance
CAFACoal Act Fairness Alliance
CAFAConféderation des Associations des Familles Acadiennes, Inc.
CAFAComputer Aided Frame Analysis
CAFAClub Archief Fok Aangelegenheden
CAFAChicago Accra Friendship Association
CAFACentro de Ayuda a la Familia Agredida
CAFACastemaine Amateur Footbag Association
CAFACanadian Friends of Aniquem (child burn victims charity)
CAFACommittee for Administrative and Financial Affairs
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The Bazaar assembled traditional and innovative Chinese craftworks and New Year storing items that are specially collected from across China, including from Shanghai Museum, Nanjing Museum, Hunan Provincial Museum, Zhejiang Provincial Museum, Hubei Provincial Museum, CAFA Museum, Suzhou Museum Ordos Museum, and Art Plus.
Without acknowledging the sensitive issues of federalism and state sovereignty that this question could have involved, the Court's opinion was straightforward: as a matter of statutory interpretation, a parens patriae action is not a mass action and is not removable to federal court under CAFA.
Standard Fire removed the case to federal court under CAFA, asserting that the combined claims of the proposed class members would exceed $5 million.
5) CAFA expands original jurisdiction of the federal courts to class action suits where (1) the amount in controversy exceeds $5 million; (2) the class is made up of over 100 members; and (3) any one plaintiff is diverse from any one defendant.
Congress enacted CAFA to change that and also expanded federal jurisdiction over significant interstate class actions, both by liberalizing the rules to move a class action originally filed in state court to federal court and by eliminating the one-year time limit that previously existed.
CAFA includes seven schools and colleges: the School of Fine Art, the School of Chinese Painting, the School of Design, the School of Architecture, the School of Humanities, the College of City Design, the School of Continuing Education and the Affiliated High School of Fine Art.
Dean Zhu Di of the CAFA City Design School came to Alfred in the autumn of 2005 and plans for building the ceramic studio began in earnest.
She says CAFA complements the nonbiblical approaches of other local batterer programs.
We are very proud of the CAFA Law Blog and the growing success we've achieved by timely providing CAFA related information to our readers, and by using an informal, entertaining approach to presenting that information," said Anthony Rollo, who also heads McGlinchey's National Class Action Defense Group.
Playing an important role in equipping students for a successful career in Animation, CAFA has integrated Toon Boom into their curriculum, using Toon Boom Harmony for all aspects of cut-out animation.
The 4th, 7th and 9th Circuits have ruled that similar cases didn't qualify as class actions or mass actions under CAFA because attorneys general do not have to show standing or seek certifications in such suits.