CAFASChild & Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale
CAFASCouncil for Academic Freedom and Academic Standards (UK)
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CAFAS (Hodges, 1990; ages 5-19) is a standardized assessment of day-to-day functioning based on separate subscales.
"A total of 37,963 inspections were carried out on food outlets and restaurants last year and there were 2,286 visits to sheesha cafAs and 5,155 inspections of salons."
The first class, consisting of 53 students, was assigned as the experiment class and used the CAFAS. The second class, comprising 60 students, was assigned as the control class and used the NCAFAS.
DIA contributes to the prediction of impairment or to the presence of clinical range CBCL scores in the presence of any disorder in DICA-IV as can be seen in Table 5 by up to 10% when measured with a dimensional scale (CAFAS).
The CAFAS has been demonstrated to have high test-retest and inter-rater reliability (Hodges & Wong, 1996; Hodges, 1999; Hodges, Doucette-Gates, & Liao, 1999) content and face validity (Hodges, 1999), and criterion-related and construct validity (Hodges & Kim, 2000; Hodges & Wong, 1996; Hodges et al., 1999; Hodges, 1999).
The revamp of a new cafA bar serving simple rustic Italian dishes is now complete.
What about post offices moving into other businesses, such as shops, or cafAs, where they have the benefit of being part of a larger business?
In the eating out pecking order there are caffs, cafAs then restaurants.
The smell of food from the cafAs is a real problem - my stomach starts churning like it's eating itself.
Other statements - "She can't speak English" or "He's over 65" - were given by bosses in cafAs, factories and hairdressers.
The summer brings high temperatures of 24-27C, sending locals out in droves to the waterfront, parks, neighbourhood markets, outdoor festivals and concerts, and patio restaurants, cafAs and bars.