CAFCASSChildren and Family Court Advisory and Support Services
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Mr Cook stated: 'Our principal grievance against CAFCASS is that it is riddled with bias against fathers.
The CAFCASS officer will try and resolve the issues by agreement.
If no agreement is reached, the court will consider what further directions need to be made and if it is necessary for any reports prepared by CAFCASS or any other agencies.
But according to the Government's child protection agency, CAFCASS, only 241 applications were made for parental orders.
He was followed by Anthony Douglas, a local authority children's services director and, since 2004, Chief Executive of CAFCASS, who is still Chair today.
Should there be welfare issues, an officer from CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) can be appointed to investigate matters.
Then there was a love tryst between a nurse, a doctor and a surgeon, nurse Kyla fighting for custody of her son despite a fight with her senior and her CAFCASS officer being contaminated and witnessing the lot, and nurse Tricia battling cancer and her lover Mark's affections.
John is currently an independent management consultant and a non-executive board member of CAFCASS, where he is Chair of the Performance Committee and Vice Chair of the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.
CSSIW will examine the provision of advocacy services for children subject to family court proceedings as part of their next inspection of CAFCASS CYMRU.
New office space was needed to support 'the citizen-centred services of Care & Social Services Inspectorate Wales and CAFCASS Cymru, as well as the larger scale relocations involving Cadw HQ building and Merthyr Tydfil'.
They were then all in favour of a nanny state via the NSPCC, Social Services & CAFCASS which undermines parental responsibility rights at an alarming rate.
CAFCASS was set up in 2001 to integrate the Family Court Welfare Service, GALRO, and the Children's Division of the Official Solicitor.