CAFDACoordination de l'Accueil des Familles Demandeuses d'Asile (French: Coordination of the Reception of Asylum-Seeking Families; est. 2000)
CAFDAChicago Area FileMaker Developers Association
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1) The function of this organisation would be threefold: (i) to continue and develop the student-run clinic service, (ii) to provide a student-run education service for the indigent, and (iii) to continue the welfare partnership with CAFDA and the UJW.
The new centre is built on the grounds of our NGO partner CAFDA, and will provide a safe space for women and children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence to live freely and without fear.
The Grassy Park community has access to the services of 5 social workers, 3 social auxiliary workers, and 1 assistant Community Development Worker, not counting those working within our NGO partners in the area, such as CAFDA and Cape Town Child Welfare.