CAFEACommission on Asian and Far Eastern Affairs
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Organised by the Qatar Museums Authority and the British Council for Qatar UK 2013, a year of events to celebrate and develop the partnership between Qatar and the United Kingdom, the CafEa Scientifique series consists of three public discussions with top UK scientists, in relaxed and casual settings in Doha.
Guests will enjoy the DreamWorks Experience, 3-D movies in the main Opal Theater, and a Starbucks coffee shop to eventually replace Mondo CafEa on the Royal Promenade.
The Chai Hakim ice cream is inspired by a tea that is served at the Ittina CafEa. With black tea and cinnamon among its ingredients, it has a rich, spicy taste that is cozy and comforting.
Behind the museum, and its excellent cafEa, the old Sydney Pleasure Gardens spread up one of Bath's seven hills.
A La Soupe at 9 Rue Chimay ( is a sleek, bustling cafEa serving healthy stews and sandwiches.
The extension creates a new atrium area between the original county hall building from the 1930s and a refurbished 1970s extension which hosts a new central library and a cafEa.
Fadi Azooz, the owner of a western-style cafEa, Barista Coffee, in the northern city of Ankawa, tries to keep the electricity on at the time of operating hours, even if the government does not supply.
Vancouverites are serious about seafood and Blue Water CafEa at 1095 Hamilton Street in Yaletown is the place to be seen eating sashimi.
The stylish Bonpoint flagship clothes store at 6 rue du Tournon ( has a children's cafEa in the basement.
In Canberra, a RSPCA volunteer served a dogaccino , which combined whipped lactose-free milk with liver sprinkles to garnish at his stall named the "Dog's Breath CafEa."
"A cosmetic shop, a furniture showroom, a cafEa and a photo studio have reportedly lost money and some goods," sources told Times of Oman.
In the documentary and short films category, the Arabic and foreign films screened at the Cultural Club included The Illusion (Syria), Tell Me (Algeria), Why Forebearing (Palestine), Shadows (KSA), The Settlement (Egypt), Trolley (UAE), The Car Cable (Switzerland), CafEa Shikori (Slovenia) and The Last Rituals (Bangladesh).