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CAFFAChicago Area Families for Adoption (Illinois)
CAFFAConcerned American Fire Fighters Association (est. 1993; Chicago, IL)
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Ahora bien, segun esas mismas <<instructiones>>, el legado tenia que exponer a Juan II que la inoportunidad de la pugna en Castilla resultaba mucho mas grave por producirse cuando mas necesaria debia ser la union de los estados cristianos para oponerse a los avances belicos de los <<sevissimi turchi, Christi nominis inimici>>, los cuales acababan de conquistar Caffa, <<que porta est ad Hungariam, Poloniam et Russiam [...].
By all accounts operating one of the most successful international trading businesses of the time, the Salvaygos established bases in Genoa, Caffa, and Alexandria, as well as networks across continental Europe, including Bruges and several French cities.
Biological warfare at the 1346 siege of Caffa. Emerg Infect Dis.
Alternately using force and diplomacy by the start of the century Genoa had managed to establish powerful outposts (Tana and Caffa) as well as large colonies in Rhodes Trebizond and other strategic junctions.
Wheelus, Mark "Biological Warfare at the 1346 Siege of Caffa." Historical Review 8, no.
Kefe (Caffa), the center of Ottoman administration in the Crimea, was sacked in 1616.
Few other institutions could have succeeded in assembling such a thoughtful checklist of these and other sculptures by Mochi, Finelli and Caffa, and paintings by Fetti, Cortona, Sacchi, Reni, Velazquez, Champaigne and Van Dyck, among others, which have been brought together by the exhibition's curators, Andrea Bacchi, Catherine Hess and Jennifer Montagu.
"What can a priest say," asks Guatemalan bishop Alvaro Ramazzini, "to a family ill with HIV-AIDS for whom the generic antiretroviral medicines forbidden by CAFFA's rules are the only hope?" (16)
In 2004 the Philadelphia chapter of the CAFFA announced itself as a "watchdog to protect the rights of all American Fire Fighters regardless of race or gender." Judge Bechtel retired in 2001.
The 14th-century Crusaders defending the city of Caffa in the Crimea were both shocked and revolted when the Tartars began catapulting the dead bodies of plague victims over the city walls.