CAFGUCivilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Philippines)
CAFGUCitizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit (Philippines)
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It is standard policy for the military to recruit the tribal people into CAFGU militia, but some progressives allege they are creating armed paramilitaries called "Alamara" to aid in their counterinsurgency and clear areas for corporate development.
When Kalingahon residents returned to their village, they found their crops largely destroyed, some houses demolished and their livestock and belongings missing -- all of which they attribute to military and CAFGU forces.
After the training, they are organized as CAFGU units.
The CAFGUs are components of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Ready Reserve units.
Biazon said the AFP has not abandoned its plan to demobilize the CAFGUs.
Del Rosario, while thanking the victims for the services that they have been rendering to their community as members of the CAFGU, further assured them that all help will be duly given to them by the government.
Give me about three months, I will train them as CAFGU and give them firearms and (they can) go out and hunt for those who killed their comrades," he told reporters in Davao City.
One of the functions of AFP HRO is to monitor reported incidents of human rights violations, whether these are perpetrated by state agents AFP, PNP, CAFGU or non-state agents, or armed rebel groups.
President Duterte has given marching orders for the military to recruit more Lumads as CAFGU (Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit) members in the wake of the killing of a Datu and his son last week by members of the New People's Army.
We condemn the torture done to the off-duty Manobo CAFGU Mar Acebedo Bocales, a father of three, who was abducted as he was hunting for wild animals to feed his family.
The Army said names of slain and wounded CAFGU members would soon be available to the public once their families have been informed of the incident.
Lamosao said the fresh batch of CAFGU Active Auxiliary (CAA) members were trained in handling weapons.