CAFIICanadian Association of Financial Institutions in Insurance
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The cluster A contains only one isolate distinguished by being sensitive to all antibiotic and only resist to Gentamycin, in the other hand showed possession positive band in virulence gene detection only for fim H ,while showed positive result in phenotype detection for adherence to uropathogenic cells and for CAFI and CAFII. The cluster B at a linkage distance of 54 units can be grouped into 2 sub clusters B1 and B2.
coli clinical isolates: Adhesion factor Isolates CAFIII CAFII CAFI Adherence to uroepithelial cells 5 40 74 92 Number of adhesion 5.43 43.47 80.43 100 Percentage % (N 92) Table 3.
The states incentive program is intended to attract further investment in Pennsylvania by allowing providers to apply for state incentive funds, which can be utilized to help them garner funding through the FCCs CAFII Auction.
The program is available to all service providers interested in the CAFII Auction.