CAFMSComputer-Assisted Force Management System
CAFMSComputer-Aided Force Management System
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Previously comprised of FM operations management, fm24 help desk and the deployment of computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software, the team at Macro found that they had, "shortfalls in the MEP service aspects" that were often sub-contracted.
An example of this would be with residents utilising their Facebook to request a job, which would then be converted into a task within the FM provider's CAFM system.
Some computer-assisted facilities management (CAFM) systems provide the means for monitoring many checkpoints in real time from one or more stations.
Quite often it is not in a form compatible with BMS, CAFMS or property management systems, and the benefits are lost for future operations.
If mobility is a leading trend in the sector, reflected in the demand for CAFM as a web-based application and the rise of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) culture in many organisations, the advent of the cloud delivery model is a close second.
FSI expects to see forward-looking projects exploit the benefits of closer integration between CAFM and BIM systems at the design and construction stage, generating data that will eventually help to cost and model FM services at the point of delivery.