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CAFOConcentrated Animal Feeding Operation
CAFOConfined Animal Feeding Operation
CAFOConsent Agreement and Final Order (law)
CAFOChurch Alliance for Orphans (Namibia)
CAFOConfidential Admiralty Fleet Order (UK)
CAFOCanadian Alliance of Franchise Operators
CAFOCommand Accounting and Finance Office
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Hickory Neighbors United LLC, a group of 30 to 40 neighbors who live near the proposed CAFO and oppose it on environmental grounds, appealed the issuance of the permit to the Administrative Hearing Commission.
Reading sometimes-portentous texts taken from Foer's book, Portman, a vegan, is the main tour guide to this challenging excursion to the world of slaughterhouses and CAFOs, which one commentator likens to petri dishes for antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
Job context was assessed using a series of continuous variables including number of hours worked per week, number of animals in the CAFO, and number of animals a worker personally cared for in the CAFO.
(18) Small, family-owned and operated farms began to transition into factory farms, also known as concentrated animal feeding operations ("CAFOs"), at the end of World War II when agricultural scientists worried about the supply of food for its citizens.
It's because Cargill and Big Food have monopolized the market by brainwashing the public into believing that cheap CAFO meat is okay, while controlling nearly all of the meat-processing plants in the country.
In North Carolina, scientists found, "Fecal indicator bacteria were detected at concentrations that exceeded federal and state recreational water quality guideline values, with the highest concentrations observed immediately downstream of swine CAFO spray fields."
This was stated by Engineer Rizwan Ashraf president Faisalabad Chamber of commerce and Industry (FCCI) while addressing the students of Learning CafO of Beacon house Kindergarten school that visited FCCI here on Wednesday.
Operation" (CAFO) for purposes of environmental regulation
(30) A later Iowa study (31) finds extensive literature documenting acute and chronic respiratory disease and dysfunction among CAFO workers from exposures to complex mixtures of particulates, gases, and vapors; it concludes that CAFO air emissions may constitute a public health hazard.
The two groups are asking a Minnesota federal court to bar EPA from releasing further information about livestock farms that are determined to meet the definition of a concentrated animal feeding operation, or CAFO.