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CAFOConcentrated Animal Feeding Operation
CAFOConfined Animal Feeding Operation
CAFOConsent Agreement and Final Order (law)
CAFOChurch Alliance for Orphans (Namibia)
CAFOConfidential Admiralty Fleet Order (UK)
CAFOCanadian Alliance of Franchise Operators
CAFOCommand Accounting and Finance Office
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Now, the CAFO industry wants Congress to permanently exempt it from the Superfund liability and oversight.
A major concern for local communities is the impact of nearby CAFOs on surrounding residents.
Instead, it and two sister stations in Twin Falls owned by Clear Channel Communications found themselves running hard-hitting ads denouncing CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations).
Like sewage, CAFO pollution is extremely high in nitrogen, and most of that nitrogen comes from the artificial fertilizer used to grow the animal feed.
Even though grass-finished beef is much leaner than CAFO beef, my ribs were moist and full of flavor; almost difficult to stop eating.
New York State has more than 500 CAFO farms, most of which are dairy farms with 300 or more cows.
15) Drug-resistant bacteria can also travel through the air, moving from a CAFO to nearby communities, motor vehicles, and individuals.
It's immoral to invoke God's blessings on a concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO) because neither the CAFO nor the ideological system behind the CAFO honors the godly essence of the pigs, cows, chickens, and people affected.
74) Neighboring landowners objected to the CAFO that Bohr Farms operated due to the odors and hazardous substances that came onto their land from the CAFO.
CAFO confinement systems in the United States typically consist of large numbers of farm animals in small spaces, subsequently creating serious and life-threatening diseases for animals due to the exposure of toxins in their waste.
If CAFO meat and animal products had to be labeled (a proposition I support wholeheartedly), the entire factory-farm industry would collapse.