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CAFODCatholic Agency for Overseas Development
CAFODCentral Africa Federation of the Disabled (Cameroon)
CAFODCatholic Association for Overseas Development (London, England, UK)
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The shop, which was set up by keen members of the community 26 years ago, has raised more than three quarters of a million pounds for the international development charity CAFOD, the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.
Cafod head of campaigns Daniel Hale said: "We are calling on the UK Government to demand that all world leaders place human dignity at the heart of the global compact agreement on refugees signed at next month's United Nations General Assembly.
During the Week of Action by Stop Climate Chaos Cymru (June 30 to July 8) which includes charities such as Cafod, the Women's Institute, WWF and Friends of the Earth, their supporters are asking the UK to reclaim its place at the forefront of global climate ambition.
Mike Sharpe, CAFOD volunteer at Our Lady of the Angels, said: "It all went very well - about 100 people came and enjoyed music and dancing.
People here need support with the basics, such as water and food, so CAFOD helps people to grow food and to adapt to the extreme conditions by conserving rainwater for crops or making fertiliser from improvised materials such as tobacco and chillies.
I'll show him pictures of this trip and tell him how lucky he is to be going to school in the first place." CAFOD is urgently supporting those hit by the disaster before the Nepalese monsoon season intensifies, which will leave many in remote areas helpless.
The work of Cafod's local partners has been crucial in providing support, building livelihoods and keeping the peace within communities facing severe shortages.
To book a space on one of the coaches going from Birmingham CAFOD Birmingham on 01922 722 944 / IF enough people join us in showing support to end hunger, world leaders will be forced to act and millions of lives can be saved.
Sarah Marsh is Cafod's programme officer for Haiti and she says these stories are typical of the "food insecurity" throughout the country.
CAFOD, the aid agency of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, reported that families started selling their livestock, jewelry or farming equipment in order to afford food months ago, which makes them vulnerable to future crises.
At the weekend, Odette Kayirere, one of the women the Daily Post featured, travelled to Merseyside to meet some of those donors and speak to schoolchildren about her work as a partner of CAFOD.
"I am so pleased that our efforts have enabled the company to make this important contribution to CAFOD who we are proud to have been associated with for 10 years," said Chris Pickthall, CPL Aromas Group chief executive officer.