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CAFPCalifornia Academy of Family Physicians
CAFPCanadian Association of Financial Planners
CAFPColorado Academy of Family Physicians (Aurora, CO)
CAFPCaribbean Agriculture & Fisheries Programme
CAFPCommon Area Fill Port
CAFPCommunity Assets for People, LLC (business loans; Wisconsin)
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The CAFP sent surveys to over 850 former members of both the Senate and House of Commons.
To bolster their efforts, delegates were trained by Tom Riley, CAFP chief lobbyist in Sacramento.
In addition to the CAFP, other physician organizations on the council include the California chapters of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American College of Physicians, and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The objects of the CAFP as defined by law in Bill C-275 are:
The CAFP was formed as a disciplinary body in a deliberate effort to enhance the budding profession by setting a code of ethics for its members.
Active members of the CAFP were surveyed beginning in March 1988.
CAFP is sponsoring Assembly Bill 1542 to define the purpose and criteria for a medical home, a first step in encouraging wider adoption of the model in this state.
The CAFP is currently recruiting 1520 practices from across the state to take part.
CAFP is sponsoring Assembly Bill 1542, authored by Assemblymember Dave Jones and the Assembly Health Committee, to encourage implementation of the medical home model in California.
We're urging the State of California to conduct pilot projects and consider partnering with health plans and other groups to test the benefits of a medical home," said CAFP Past President Carla Kakutani, MD, who is attending today's panel event.
Samuelson, a family physician with Sacramento Urban Indian Health who chairs the CAFP legislative affairs committee.