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Although the desire to be attractive has been identified as a primary motivation for body-tanning behavior (Cafri, Thompson, Roehrig et al., 2006; Yoo & Kim, 2014), individuals have many reasons for tanning their skin.
Ademas, estos resultados son consistentes con la literatura, que muestra que los hombres creen que el cuerpo ideal masculino es a la vez delgado y musculado, de tipo atletico, y evaluan el suyo a partir de estos parametros (Bergeron y Tylka, 2007; Cafri et al., 2005; McCabe y Ricciardelli, 2004; Murray y Lewis, 2014; Parent y Moradi, 2011; Thompson y Cafri, 2007).
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More recently, a study was conducted to further explore and identify additional dimensions of attitudes towards EBPs (Aarons, Cafri, Lugo, & Sawitsky, 2012).
Some research indicates that restrictive dieting increases the risk of negative emotions and body dissatisfaction (Roehrig, Thompson, & Cafri, 2008; Stice & Shaw, 2002).
Cafri and Thompson (10) highlighted the need to: a) assess satisfaction with muscularity, b) identify behaviours associated with body dissatisfaction, and c) evaluate satisfaction with specific body parts/regions, such as the shoulders, chest and arms.
Gli ingenti costi del viaggio, le sorti alterne di chi sbarcava, le precarie condizioni ambientali e la concorrenza dei cosiddetti "cafri"--un termine razzista per indicare le popolazioni indigene--che lavoravano per paghe piu basse non solo scoraggiavano nuovi arrivi, ma presupponevano in alcuni casi la disponibilita di un capitale iniziale che solo pochi possedevano.
(18.) Thompson JK, Shroff H, Herbozo S, Cafri G, Rodriguez J, Rodriguez M: Relations among multiple peer influences, body dissatisfaction, eating disturbance, and self-esteem: A comparison of average weight, at risk of overweight, and overweight adolescent girls.
Given the high rates of exposure to UV rays through tanning among adult populations in the US (Cafri, Thompson, Jacobsen, & Hillhouse, 2009; Coups, Manne, & Heckman, 2008; Fogel & Krausz, 2013; Robinson, Kim, Rosenbaum, & Ortiz, 2008) and infrequent use of sun protective measures (Coups et al., 2008; Vail-Smith & Felts, 1993), it may not be surprising that non-melanoma skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US (Rogers et al., 2010).
Assim como as mulheres, individuos do sexo masculino preocupam-se com o peso corporal e o percentual de gordura, no entanto, em adicao apresentam elevado desejo de atingir um corpo musculoso, especialmente na regiao superior do tronco (peitorais, ombros e bracos; Pope, Phillips, & Olivardia, 2000; Thompson & Cafri, 2007).