CAFTA-DRCentral America Free Trade Agreement-Dominican Republic
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Among all the US$ 26.3 billion in US textiles and apparel exports in 2016, shipments to NAFTA and CAFTA-DR countries accounted for 56% of the total exports.
coalition forces in Iraq, and implemented CAFTA-DR.
In a 2005 opinion piece, then-Senator Barack Obama wrote that he opposed the CAFTA-DR because it did "little to address enforcement of basic environmental standards in the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic." (6) The senator's concern about environmental degradation in the free trade zone was a direct response to the effects of NAFTA in Mexico.
The Department's program under the Environmental Cooperation Agreement seeks to help CAFTA-DR countries expand their biodiversity, parks and nature-related tourism, and strengthen and enforce environmental laws and regulations.
Market size: The USTR argues that "CAFTA-DR is a larger U.S.
The result was a plethora of trade pacts, including CAFTA-DR (Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement), plus agreements with Australia, Chile, Singapore, Bahrain and Morocco.
Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) countries, contributing to the effective implementation of CAFTA-DR.
Bush's trade policy: the CAFTA-DR and the inner resistence
To determine how the expansion of data exclusivity laws has affected Latin American countries, we compared the U.S bilateral FTAs of Peru, Colombia, Chile and the CAFTA-DR countries (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua), with their respective domestic legislation on data exclusivity.
Since then, Central American countries have steadily opened up their borders to increased trade with the United States and other countries, culminating in 2006 with the Central America-Dominican Republic-Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR), the most significant trade agreement ever signed in the Central American region (9).