CAFZCentral Anatolian Fault Zone (Turkey)
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The mean return period for Ms[greater than or equal to]5.0 was calculated as 8.91[+ or -]0.41 years for their region 22 covering CAFZ in this study.
The b-values are estimated as 0.62 for their region 22 (including CAFZ, 0.58 for their region 23 (covering MLF and OF), and 0.68 for their region 24 (including the eastern part of the NAFZ), respectively.
These zones were related to the Karacadag extension zone (KEZ), the southern part of Cyprus including the eastern part of the Cyprus Arc, the Mugla and Rhodes region, the SBG, the Eskisehir, Inonu-Dodurga and Kaymaz faults (EIDKF), the EF, the central Anatolian fault zone (CAFZ) including the Yildizeli fault zone.