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CAGACapital Area Greenbelt Association (Pennsylvania)
CAGACanadian Amputee Golf Association
CAGAClub Alpine Gordini Ariégeois (French automobile club)
CAGACost to Acquire per Gross Add (Sprint)
CAGACompact Area Group Approach (farmer participatory agricultural extension approach)
CAGACancer-Associated Galactosyltransferase Acceptor
CAGACertified American Guild of Appraisers
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pylori virulence factor cagA likewise did not differ in cases and controls, which is consistent with other studies in high-prevalence areas.
We then focused on gastric cancer to determine whether cagA positivity was associated with an increased risk for that disease.
Further, the detection of cagA 3 region subtypes, babA2 and vacA genotypes of H.
The best-studied virulence factor is the cagA gene which serves as a marker for a 40 kb chromosomal fragment known as cag Pathogenecity Island (cagPAI).
But behind veterans Rey Caga, Ruel Escuadro and captain Mark Artista, the victors were able to keep their lead intact until the final whistle.
OBS] - perda de caga estimada pela equacao ajustada com os dados observados; [J.
Negro nao e inteligente, e espivitado"; "Negro nao nasce, vem a furo"; "Negro so entra no ceu por descuido de Sao Pedro", "Negro quando nao caga na entrada, caga na saida".
In particular, they've zeroed in on strains that carry a gene dubbed cagA, for cytotoxin-associated gene.
One big tradition here, which is centuries old, is the Caga Tio.