CAGIDCentral Area General Improvement District (Boulder, CO)
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Boulder's CAGID was established in 1970 to provide parking services and related improvements to an approximately 30 square block area in downtown Boulder.
CAGID expenditures remained elevated in 2011 and 2012 due to on-going capital improvements being made to the five garages with final completion for the projects expected in 2012.
The district will lose approximately 18% of its current annual revenues beginning in fiscal 2014 with the planned expiration of a small tax increment district located within CAGID boundaries.
The local economy, which fundamentally drives demand for parking in CAGID managed facilities, appears to be stabilizing after experiencing a decline in 2009 and 2010 reflected by increased year-over-year sales tax revenue in the CAGID, renewed demand for long-term parking permits, and on-street parking revenue, which outperforms year-to-date targets.
CAGID manages and operates five parking garages, three permitted surface lots, and one metered parking lot.