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According to two sources, CAGN Global and Sanchez are both on the outs after a falling out with Emirati officials, and DarkMatter, which is under FBI investigation, is in charge now.
Wu, "Presence of iceA1 but not cagA, cagC, cagE, cagF, cagN, cagT, or orf13 genes of Helicobacter pylori is associated with more severe gastric inflammation in Taiwanese," Journal of the Formosan Medical Association, vol.
Its identity oscillates, on the one hand, between a being, e.g., the Wakan of the Dakota Indians, Cagn for the Australian Bushmen, the Sun god for the Egyptians, or nature itself and its patterns--and, on the other hand, an interior moral code, e.g., the Tao of Confucianism, the sacred books of India, or the Eternal Right of Hellenic culture.