CAHACCommission on Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (Palm Beach, FL)
CAHACCapital Area Health Advisory Council (Central Virginia Health Planning Agency)
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Cahac then demanded a meeting with the minister to discuss the problem of rent increases.
It would seem that it was the realization of how the rents issue could become an instrument for mobilizing the community against the government, especially at a sensitive period when the latter had in principle decided to grant the Coloured (and Indian) community some form of representation in what would become the tri-cameral parliament, that forced the minister to eventually agree to meet with the Cahac delegation.
The meeting took place at the end of February 1982 and was attended by a six-member delegation from Cahac, four from the Cape Town City Council, five from the Divisional Council, ten from the ManComs representatives from municipalities, and the Minister of Community Development.(42) The meeting resolved to set up a committee to look at the rents formula.
Immediately after the UDF was formed in August 1983, Cahac took a decision to affiliate to it.
The essence of this new position, adhered to particularly by the leadership of Cahac, was the conviction that there were no reforms possible at any level of government so long as the system of white minority domination was in place.
During this period Cahac's activities were no longer necessarily intended to produce positive outcomes under the existing social order, but were not geared toward mobilizing the community for the overthrow of the state.
Cahac's new approach of mobilizing to contest overtly political issues did not impact positively on the organization.
Secondly, many of the residents were not necessarily supporting the political programmes which Cahac wanted to pursue, nor supported militant programmes such as the boycott method: `There [was] a general feeling ...
Cahac, on the other hand, was unable to adequately respond to these reforms except to simply dismiss them as a strategy of providing houses for the embourgeoisement of a certain part of the community.(51) The result of the failure to reply pro-actively to these reforms caused the community to sink into a state of apathy and passivity.
The response of Cahac to this issue was not entirely clear and is a matter that begs further research.
Besides the reservations from some members of Cahac, preliminary evidence also indicates an intricate process, that threatened the organization's sources of funding if it did not toe the line.
The other complicating factor was the question of uniting the various civic groups that existed in Western Cape, particularly those which were aligned to the UDF, such as the WCCA, WECUSA (formed in 1986/87), Hostel Dweller's Association (formed in 1988), and Cahac. Considerations of unity go back to 1983 and kept coming up at different times for various reasons.