CAHARCommittee of Experts on Legal Aspects of Asylum, Refugees and Stateless Persons (EC)
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In a second incident in neighboring Urozgan Province on Thursday, U.S.-Afghan forces conducting a reconnaissance patrol in Deh Rawood distict effectively disrupted the operations of approximately 30 insurgents massing outside of Cahar Cineh village, the U.S.
[9] On the European Committee on Migration (CDMH) and on the ad hoc Committee of Experts on the Legal Aspects of Territorial Asylum, Refugees and Stateless Persons (CAHAR) of the Council of Europe, see Factual Document on Asylum: working document from the commission services on asylum policy in preparation for the ministerial meeting between the EU and CEECs on 27 Mai, 1997 within the context of the structured dialogue (17 March 1997), Annex III.
Rising asylum applications in Western Europe -- from 65,000 in 1983 to 164,000 in 1985(13) -- forced governments to discuss the implications of these changes for Europe and for asylum as an institution.(14) At the outset, the only forums for such contacts were the UNHCR Executive Committee's Subcommittee on Protection (meeting once a year) and The Ad Hoc Committee of Experts on the Legal Aspects of Territorial Asylum (CAHAR, following the acronym for its French title) within the Council of Europe (meeting twice a year).(15) By 1991, more than 100 meetings on asylum took place in 30 different forums in that year alone.(16)
A study conducted by Regina Cahar published in a 1987 Wisconsin Law Review estimates that, nationwide, there may have been as many as 7,000 to 15,000 recent cases of sexual harassment, most of them unreported.
Mangutara is pitted against Cahar Ibay, a member of ARMM's 24-seat Regional Assembly, touted as "little congress" of the autonomous region.
The governor was referring to the successful forging of reconciliation between reelectionist Matanog Mayor Mohammad "Kits" Guro, on one hand, and political rivals Cahar Ibay and incumbent Vice Mayor Nasser Imam, on the other.