CAHDIComité des Conseillers Juridiques sur le Droit International Public (European Committee of Legal Advisers on Public International Law)
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Quite apart from whether such a general principle exists in [Dutch] legal system, a higher importance should in principle be attached to the rules of international law than to the rules of Dutch law (in particular Dutch procedural law), with the result that the interests of the uninterrupted functioning of a diplomatic mission should in this case prevail over the interests of executing (by expeditious means) a judgment given in the Netherlands": Se puede consultar en CAHDI (2004) 5 Part II (A) rev.
However it is for the judgment creditor to prove this, and a certificate form the head of the diplomatic mission that the account is not in use or intended for use for commercial purposes is sufficient evidence of that fact, unless the contrary is proved": se puede consultar el resumen de esta Sentencia en CAHDI (2004) 5 Part II (B), p.
Se puede consultar un resumen de esta Sentencia en CAHDI (2004) 5 Part II (B), p.