CAHOColumbia American History Online (Columbia University)
CAHOCouncil of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (formerly Ontario Council of Teaching Hospitals; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CAHOCentre for the Archaeology of Human Origins (UK)
CAHOCentral African Healthcare Organization
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Like the MAGI, UKCRC and Medicines Australia initiatives, CAHO believes that sites need to retain their ability to publish study results, positive or negative, within a reasonable time frame; however, the acceptable timeline varies slightly among groups.
The CAHO document aligns with the MAGI, UKCRC and Medicines Australia beliefs that this part of the agreement is context-specific, depending on which parties developed the protocol, with a range of options including site ownership, joint ownership, or industry ownership, with the site retaining the option to use the intellectual property for internal research, academic and patient-care purposes.
CAHO encourages member hospitals and industry partners to agree on a reasonable term of confidentiality (10 years maximum) and to maintain the confidential information they receive using the same degree of care as they use with their own information.
THE UKCRC and Medicines Australia have similar terms to CAHO and MAGI.
The CAHO principles require a sponsor to provide indemnification for any claims caused by or arising out the conduct of the study according to the protocol, the sponsor's negligence or intentional wrongdoing, and the sponsor's use of the study results.
The authors note clear evidence of an improvement in contract timelines since using the CAHO principles as a negotiating tool at their place of work (a not-for-profit academic hospital).
CAHO has considered the development of a glossary to address these issues.