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CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems
CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Health Plans Study
CAHPSConsumer Assessment of Health Plans Statement (National Committee for Quality Assurance)
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Appendix Table A1 contains detail on the 13 CAHPS measures considered for analysis.
Respondents reported their race/ethnicity on the CAHPS surveys in conformity with the 1997 OMB standards using two questions.
Effects of Survey Mode, Patient Mix, and Nonresponse on CAHPS Hospital Survey Scores.
This study examines some factors that might underlie observed regional variations in CAHPS scores.
We analyzed 11 CAHPS scores: all five 0-10 global ratings of care, five composite scores of patient experience derived from multiple report items, and one separate report item.
These prior studies, as well as many others examining CAHPS scores, have focused on the frequency of positive assessments of care.
This study was designed to assess the extent to which African American, Latino, and white respondents provide similar responses to items from the CAHPS Clinician and Group Survey in response to standardized clinical scenarios in order to clarify the interpretation of racial/ethnic differences in patient-reported real-world health care experiences.
Joint Acknowledgment/Disclosure Statement: This work was funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) through the Yale CAHPS Grantee Contract.
When we estimated a model that contained both CAHPS [R] scores and plan characteristics, the only significant predictors of disenrollment were the two CAHPS [R] scores selected and the percent of black persons in the plans' service areas.
The CAHPS surveys of Medicare beneficiaries were designed to assess beneficiaries' overall experiences with care and their experiences in specific areas, such as communication with their physicians and timely access to needed care.
aspx) reports CAHPS scores to inform beneficiaries choosing among MA plans (Reid et al.
Total Triage, in addition to continuing the acclaimed services provided by AfterHours Triage, will now extend consulting services for people and process improvement, cutting-edge communications technology in the form of the ubeRNurse mobile application, as well as custom service plans to comprehensively address the most pressing industry needs and concerns for hospice and home health organizations, including HIPAA compliance, Hospice CAHPS surveys, emergency preparedness planning, compassion fatigue and nurse turnover, and routing, recording, and reporting of patient calls.