CAIFCoalition Against Insurance Fraud
CAIFCanadian Association of Income Funds (est. 2002; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
CAIFCommon Announcement Interchange Format
CAIFChild Abuse Intervention Fund
CAIFCollaborative Artefacts Interactive Furniture (workshop; Switzerland)
CAIFChart Audit Information Form (pain assessment)
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Contractor scams loom large for insurers," says Jim Quiggle, director of communications for CAIF.
In its annual report for 2000, the CAIF (200la) produced a section called "Pin the Tail on the Estimate.
SAS and CAIF will discuss the survey results in an interactive webcast on Oct.
Secretary of CAIF, John Moore, said: "In meetings with the city's vice president, chairman of CAIF, Coun John Gazey spoke about Coventry's plans for redevelopment of a 21st century city centre and its concern to get the best professional advice possible.
Because of the recent glut of bad weather, people who never even planted a crop are filing claims, and in some cases, they're colluding with crooked agents, said Jay of CAIF.
According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau and CAIF, the other most common questionable claims are faked or exaggerated injuries (e.
FOREIGN EXCHANGE: Members of Coventry Association for International Friendship enjoy a picnic on a visit to Vannes, Brittany and (right) John Moore, secretary of CAIF; WARMLY WELCOMED: Local government workers from Ostrava, in the Czech Republic, who visited Coventry last October UNION: Coventry's twin town of Dresden AMUSING: A public sculpture in Kiel, Germany, which amused CAIF members as it is supposed to represent marriage
The CAIF study has shown that with the proposed 15 per cent withholding tax on the non-taxable portion of distributions to non-Canadian residents, the revenue to the federal government is not decreased but in fact may be increased by having a higher level of foreign ownership in trusts.
CAIF is also strengthening ties with the twin German city of Dresden and hosts will be needed in June and August when groups from Dresden will be visiting Coventry.
Maryland has struck a solid blow against insurance fraud," says Howard Goldblatt, director of government affairs for the CAIF.
CAIF was formed in 1962 at the time of the Cuban missile crisis.