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CAIICreative Associates International Inc.
CAIICoalition Against Illegal Immigration (political group)
CAIICarbonic Anhydrase Isoenzyme II
CAIIChild Advocates II (est. 1986)
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To which Don Quixote replied, "She is not of the ancient Roman Curtii, Caii, or Scipios, nor of the modern Colonnas or Orsini, nor of the Moncadas or Requesenes of Catalonia, nor yet of the Rebellas or Villanovas of Valencia; Palafoxes, Nuzas, Rocabertis, Corellas, Lunas, Alagones, Urreas, Foces, or Gurreas of Aragon; Cerdas, Manriques, Mendozas, or Guzmans of Castile; Alencastros, Pallas, or Meneses of Portugal; but she is of those of El Toboso of La Mancha, a lineage that though modern, may furnish a source of gentle blood for the most illustrious families of the ages that are to come, and this let none dispute with me save on the condition that Zerbino placed at the foot of the trophy of Orlando's arms, saying,
MAKE A DATE Caii plays The Castle Hotel on Wednesday.
As an example, different proportions of gray-meat scallops were inserted into scallop counts, and shell height measurements were made from the School for Marine Science and Technology scallop video survey in 2014 for access areas on Georges Bank, CAII, and NLCA, to determine the effect on the immediate biomass estimate.
3.3 Cognitive Analysis of IDS Interfaces (CAII) Usability evaluation is an important part of the user interface design process.
The membranes were incubated with rabbit anti-mouse integrin [beta]3 and rabbit anti-mouse CAII as a primary antibody.
Inspired by the mass demonstrations in Egypt that Ied to the army's overthrow of an IsIamist president Iast month, a protest movement in Bahrain has caIIed for raIIies on Aug.
What printer wants to bedragged into that discussion, even as an "unwitting bystander?" By being proactive and showing willingness to educate alert customers, printers caii strengthen their case for being part of the solution versus part of the problem.
(2001:254) misidentified male Ramulus caii (Brock & Seow-Choen, 2000) as Entoria formosana Shiraki, 1911 which is restricted to Taiwan and not found in Hong Kong.
We previously reported how we developed AIP animal models by immunizing neonatally thymectomized (nTx) mice with CAII and LF, and also by transferring immunized spleen cells to nude mice [13].
Labeled WAI and WAII on the warm arm and CAI and CAII on the cold arm, these sites are positioned at increasing distances from the heated discharge outflows.
CaII it genius, stubborn or mad, but for the past 75 years Glass has done precisely what he wants.