CAIPOCorporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (Barbados)
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As part of the activities PINTER CAIPO a Spanish producer of cuttingedge yarn spinning equipment demonstrated its spin tester machine Merlin equipped with its new 3D creel which makes dual core" yarns with INVISTA's dualFX(R) technology by LYCRA(R) brand.
According to AdriA Serra Managing Director of PINTER CAIPO the demand for high stretch fabrics with good recovery continues to grow and yarns made with INVISTA's dualFX(R) technology by LYCRA(R) brand allow mills to achieve the best balance of stretch and recovery properties.
INVISTA and PINTER CAIPO began working on the new machines in 2012 with the aim of providing customers with a means to achieve excellent quality high performing stretch fabrics that keep their shape.