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The Republican Party should not allow its resources to be hijacked by those who would seek to use its stature in American society to fuel the rise of un-American and anti-Muslim bigotry in our country," CAIR wrote.
The presidential election campaign and the Trump administration have tapped into a seam of bigotry and hate that has resulted in the targeting of American Muslims and other minority groups," said Zainab Arain, a CAIR coordinator working to monitor and combat Islamophobia.
The Islamic Center's imam had requested extra security following the mass shooting last month by Omar Mateen at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, about 120 miles to the north, according to CAIR and mosque spokesman Wilfredo Ruiz.
CAIR provided written and oral testimony at numerous board hearings and met with board members to make the case for closing schools on Eid for the county's growing Muslim population, which some estimates place at 10 percent of the county's total population.
CAIR has also called on all presidential candidates to repudiate the hate rallies and asked them to take time out of their schedules on October 9 or 10 to visit a mosque in a show of moral support for the Muslim community at a time of increasing Islamophobia and anti-Muslim incidents.
The United States government named CAIR an 'unindicted co-conspirator' to fund the terrorist group Hamas in America's most significant terror financing trial.
Through painstaking and nuanced research of internal memos and documents the authors establish the fact that CAIR is the ideological cousin of the notorious Muslim Brotherhood and their leadership is inextricably tied to the promulgation of an explosively violent "jihadist" agenda.
IHS Inc (NYSE: HIS), a provider of critical information, decision-support tools and related services, stated on 3 February that the ability to manage CAIR (Clean Air Interstate Rule) nitrogen oxides (NOX) allowances will be added to its ecoAsset Manager software solution in the new version 10.
CAIR receive most of their cash from taxpayers through Dundee City Council, other councils and NHS Tayside.
CAIR utilizes cap-and-trade to force power companies in the East and Midwest to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions by about 70 percent over the next decade.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations, CAIR, joins Americans of all faiths, and all people of conscience worldwide, in condemning Thursday's bomb attacks in London as barbaric crimes that can never be justified or excused.
In a counter-intuitive result, the report concludes that the proposed new CAIR rules tightening SO2 and NOx emission limits may actually cause a modest increase instead of a decrease in coal use for electric generation.