CAIRAChemical Accident or Incident Response and Assistance
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CREAM OF THE CROP: Nardini's Cafe SCOOPER DOOPER: Marco Caira Jr., left, and Antonia Caira, below CITY LICKERS: The cafe now and in the 1930s ISLAND'S IN THE CREAM: Millport's Ritz Cafe and one of its attractions CONE AND GET IT: Cafe staff Andrea McAllister, left, and Gemma Dorrian COOL NEW LOOK-A: Luca's as it is now and, below, in the early days FAMILY BUSIN-ICE: Ricardo, top, and his father and uncle, right FROZEN IN TIME: Original owner Bennett Jannetta, top left, and, main pic, cafe worker Kirsty Johnstone, 20
The Reclaim the Rovers rescue bid was drawn up by Raith's former owner Alex Penman and directors Mario Caira and Turnbull Hutton.
The following local students made the honor roll from Montachusett Regional Vocation Technical School: Samantha Egeland, of Clinton, Alex Garceau, Aldywyn Mantague, Joseph Isble, Emma Massa, Rebecca Parker, Liam Sullivan, and Shannon Caira, of Sterling.
'Sharon's mum looks after the two of them,Troy and Caira, and she does a great job.
High honors went to: Samantha Egeland, Class of 2014, of Clinton; Katelyn Day, Marycatherine Mass and James Rugg Jr., Class of 2012, Rebecca Finizio, Class of 2013, Shannon Caira, Jacob Dube, Patrick Fenton and Joseph Isble, Class of 2014, and Emma Massa, Class of 2015, of Sterling.
Chairman Turnbull Hutton was attending a funeral and majority shareholder Mario Caira was on his way back from a holiday in Italy as chaos erupted in Kirkcaldy.
Villa squad to face Ajax: Siegrist, Barrett; Caira, Nelson-Addy, Williams, Bryan, Webb, Batemen; Cameron, Carruthers, Johnson, Graham, Juan Serrano; Taylor, Burke, Darkin, Robinson.
Fellow-Scot Susan Deacon lines up over 200m against South African champion Heide Seyerling and Ireland's Caira Sheehy at tonight's Dublin International Games.
Director Awards: Genevieve Alvarado, Dean Caira, Dayannara Munoz, Ophelia Okoh, Guisseppe Sansota
Pictured with assistant academy director Steve Burns are Reece Caira, Connor Taylor, Ebby Nelson-Addy, Courtney Cameron, Samir Carruthers, Charlie Ward, who have all signed one-year deals.
High honors went to: Ryan Frawley, Class of 2012, of Lancaster; and Katelyn Day, Class of 2012, James Rugg Jr, Class of 2012, Kerryn Wiesman, Class of 2012, Rebecca Finizio, Class of 2013,Michael LaRosee, Class of 2013, Shannon Caira, Class of 2014, Jacob Dube, Class of 2014, Miles Gray, Class of 2014, Joseph Isble, Class of 2014, Adam Jakubowski, Class of 2015, and Rebecca Parker, Class of 2015, all of Sterling.