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CAIROCenter for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Jalan Semarak Kuala Lumpur)
CAIROCluster Architecture for Image Retrieval and Organization (computing)
CAIROCenter for Applied Informatics Research and Operations (Indianapolis, IN)
CAIROCommunications Audio Interface for Remote Operations
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He leaves Kleber in command, a great watchdog who passed in his checks at Cairo, murdered by an Egyptian whom they put to death by spiking him with a bayonet, which is their way of guillotining people out there; but he suffered so much, that a soldier took pity on the scoundrel and handed his flask to him; and the Egyptian turned up his eyes then and there with all the pleasure in life.
A dismal swamp, on which the half-built houses rot away: cleared here and there for the space of a few yards; and teeming, then, with rank unwholesome vegetation, in whose baleful shade the wretched wanderers who are tempted hither, droop, and die, and lay their bones; the hateful Mississippi circling and eddying before it, and turning off upon its southern course a slimy monster hideous to behold; a hotbed of disease, an ugly sepulchre, a grave uncheered by any gleam of promise: a place without one single quality, in earth or air or water, to commend it: such is this dismal Cairo.
But go a little way from France -- go either to Aleppo or Cairo, or only to Naples or Rome, and you will see people passing by you in the streets -- people erect, smiling, and fresh-colored, of whom Asmodeus, if you were holding on by the skirt of his mantle, would say, `That man was poisoned three weeks ago; he will be a dead man in a month.'"
"My friend, Harold March, is coming along from Cairo to-day," said Fisher.
In a week they were building airships in Damascus and Cairo and Johannesburg; Australia and New Zealand were frantically equipping themselves.
As the sun gets brighter and the nights get longer, summer in Cairo is a great opportunity to wake up everyday to marvel at views of the legendary Nile and the Cairo skyline.
ADEN, June 4 (KUNA) -- Providing a vantage view of the city of Taiz, Yemen, the 16th century Cairo castle still stands tall as an important historical monument.
Spanning a land area of over 3 million sq m, Cairo Festival City is a visionary mixed-use urban community strategically located at the gateway to New Cairo city.
The four new flights operating on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, will take the total number of weekly Emirates flights serving Cairo to 25.
Located within the Heliopolis district of Cairo, the hotel will be situated 1km away from Cairo International Airport, the second busiest airport in Africa.
SODIC has a diversified residential and commercial portfolio of projects in New Cairo. Spanning 200 acres and adjacent to the American University in Cairo (AUC) lies "Eastown" the emerging residential community with the commercial frontage Eastown District "EDNC" launched earlier this year and fully sold.
The NCCA is working on addressing problems in terms of services in some areas of New Cairo, such as parking problems, sanitation, and infrastructure, and raising the services' efficiency such as health and education, noted Saad El-Din.
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