CAISIClient Access to Integrated Services and Information (homelessness project; Canada)
CAISICombat-Service-Support Automated Information Systems Interface
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* Conducting a STAMIS communication gunnery by setting up the satellite dishes and computers and ensuring all systems (including VSAT, CAISI, SAMS, SARSS, and PBUSE) can communicate with one another.
As a result, the total CAISI deployment, which will involve 11,000 wireless clients, will take about four years.
So here enters the CAISI. Its IP based radio is capable of providing excellent throughput and extending to distances beyond any challenge the NTC landscape presented.
CAISI is a secure, wireless local area network (LAN) for the Logistics Information System, formerly called STAMIS.
The CAISI system then wirelessly transmits the data back to the Worldwide Port System (WPS) database at the port's terminal management directorate (TMD) office.
Furthermore, tier l ULAs are not trained to deal with connectivity issues related to the Combat Service Support Automated Information Systems Interface (CAISI), very small aperture terminals (VSATs), or joint network node/command post nodes.
Using the VSATs for CAISI communications allowed the SASMO to expand the network to multiple locations at each FOB, which provided network connectivity to the MC4 at each FOB's aid station.
It provides students with training in the areas of computer systems hardware, operating systems, Logistics-IT applications: ULLS-A, SAMS-E, PBUSE, SARSS (including RF/AIT), SAAS Mod, TCAIMS II, MC4, MTSU, systems interfaces, systems networking, trouble-shooting, communication protocols, and the use of VSAT/ CAISI. Unfortunately, lack of unit emphasis has prevented SASMO personnel from attending this much needed training.
The ATHP also is documented with CAISI and radio frequency identification suites to connect the logistician and populate the in-transit visibility common operating picture.
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