CAISIClient Access to Integrated Services and Information (homelessness project; Canada)
CAISICombat-Service-Support Automated Information Systems Interface
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A radio module access point, the CAISI Bridge Module (CBM), can be deployed fast in the field and offers local area network communications for up to two miles and point-to-point communications up to 32 miles.
To be specific the CAISI is capable of link speeds of up to 50Mbps with an average latency of <1ms--4ms and can establish links at distances of up to 35 miles between nodes when using the directional grid-antenna.
But, to set CAISI up right, you definitely need training.
The CAISI system then wirelessly transmits the data back to the Worldwide Port System (WPS) database at the port's terminal management directorate (TMD) office.
Using the VSATs for CAISI communications allowed the SASMO to expand the network to multiple locations at each FOB, which provided network connectivity to the MC4 at each FOB's aid station.
It provides students with training in the areas of computer systems hardware, operating systems, Logistics-IT applications: ULLS-A, SAMS-E, PBUSE, SARSS (including RF/AIT), SAAS Mod, TCAIMS II, MC4, MTSU, systems interfaces, systems networking, trouble-shooting, communication protocols, and the use of VSAT/ CAISI.
The ATHP also is documented with CAISI and radio frequency identification suites to connect the logistician and populate the in-transit visibility common operating picture.
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