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CAIVCost As An Independent Variable
CAIVCold Adapted Influenza Vaccine
CAIVConfederacion de Asociaciones Israelitas de Venezuela (Spanish: Confederation of Jewish Associations of Venezuela; Venezuela)
CAIVContent-based Access of Image and Video (IEEE workshop)
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CAII from Homo sapiens (h) and Danio rerio (d), CAIV from Rattus norvegicus (r).
More precisely, Vinzent argues that CAIV was written as an answer to Eusebius' Contra Marcellum and De ecclesiastica theologia, to the Marcellus attacked in them, to the Asterius refuted by Marcellus in them, and in addition directed against the theology, and particularly Christology, of Photinus of Sirmium.
The author of CAIV he sees as not only profoundly dependent on Eusebius' anti-Marcellan critique, but also as equally critical of him and Asterius on the one hand as of Marcellus and Photinus on the other, seeking a middle way and producing a seminal work which was to mould thinking on `Arianism', `Sabellianism', and `Paulinism' ever after.
In addition, the data offered quite a few other interesting perspectives as well, especially in the way PMs view LCCM and CAIV regarding cost-containment principles.
The CAIV plan would include cost goals for unit production cost and operation and support costs.
Employing CAIV early in the developmental process offers the greatest potential opportunity for R-TOC at the lowest possible investment cost.
The question here is whether the shortfalls can be traded for strengths in a CAIV analysis.
the president of CAIV to condemn the attack and promised to guarantee
By 1998, success on this program and others resulted in the Navy recognizing Raytheon's CAIV process as an industry best practice.