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CAJCanadian Association of Journalists
CAJChina Academic Journals
CAJChannel Access for Java
CAJCommittee on the Administration of Justice (UK)
CAJChristliche Arbeiterjugend (German Young Christian Workers)
CAJCanaima, Venezuela (Airport Code)
CAJChristian Academy in Japan
CAJCentre d'Accueil de Jour (French: Daycare Center)
CAJCentre Animation Jeunesse (French: Youth Animation Center; various locations)
CAJCommunication Association of Japan
CAJCollege Art Journal
CAJCambridge Archaeological Journal (est. 1991)
CAJCommission Armées-Jeunesse (French: Army-Youth Commission)
CAJCentral Asiatic Journal
CAJCentre d'Activités de Jour (Fench: Day Activity Center)
CAJComisión Arquidiocesana de Juventud (Spanish: Archdiocesan Youth Commission)
CAJCommission des Affaires Juridiques (French: Legal Affairs Committee)
CAJCoopérative Agricole de Juniville (French: Juniville Agricultural Cooperative; Juniville, France)
CAJComputists' Applied Jobs
CAJCercle Aquariophile Jurassien (French: Jura Aquarist Circle; Jura, France)
CAJChina Automotive Journal (Hong Kong)
CAJCapital Asset Justifications
CAJCentre Autonome Jeunes (French: Autonomous Youth Center)
CAJConseils et Applications Juridiques (French: Legal Advice and Applications)
CAJCavoatrial Junction (anatomy)
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The telecom operator has set the maximum cap for CAJ tokens at 1,780,000 where existing shareholders will retain 1,000,000 tokens, and the remaining will be used in token sales, bounty and advertising payouts.
Thus, the purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of a 4-wk CAJ supplementation on male cyclists' endurance capacity and muscle strength.
The CAJ News boss added, "CAJ News will be expanding our news coverage to all nine provinces of the country.
Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Djoko Suyanto, in his keynote speech, emphasized the crucial role of CAJ in the ASEAN Economic Community.
Robert Cribb, former CAJ president, told Northern Life that Ontario raised its fees in the mid-1990s.
Key Spec: Once installed and operating, CAJ actuator systems perform whisper-quiet and virtually maintenance-free.
Lord Chief Justice Sir Brian Kerr said the CAJ should only get access if the Ombudsman had not been thorough enough.
CAJ has registered about 600 domain names that combine city names with the "NowHiring" suffix, and it will set up local Web sites for newspapers at a reduced rate, says Jonathan D.
CTJ President Kavi Chongkittavorn sent a letter to the CAJ assembly participants saying proper procedures have not been followed and requests by the CAJ to amend the agenda were repeatedly denied.
Manich Sooksomjit, a senior editor of the Thai Rath daily, refused to accept a CAJ award from the Singapore National Union of Journalists, due to the lack of unanimity and consultation among CAJ board members, the statement said.
CAJ is the product of an effort to coordinate the work of several peace and civil liberties groups in Northern Ireland.
CAJ News' CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Savious-Parker Kwinika, added : "We feel highly honoured by the CTO.