CAJECentral Agency for Jewish Education (est. 1971; St. Louis, MO)
CAJECoalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (New York, NY)
CAJECenter for the Advancement of Jewish Education (Miami, FL)
CAJECanadian Journal of Economics
CAJECommunity Advocates for Justice and Equality (Lowell, MA)
CAJEComputer Assisted Job Evaluation
CAJECarolina Agency for Jewish Education (Charlotte, NC)
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Finally, I will propose that recent genealogical plots by Canadian women, such as Disappearing Moon Caje, may be considered as part of the evolution in feminist literature that concerns itself more with context than with subject.
Eli Schaap, assistant director of the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE), in New York, said "non-traditional educational techniques, such as Eisner's work, are tremendously important, because people learn and absorb information in many different ways, so you need many different modes of education." Schaap noted that CAJE itself frequently uses cartoon illustrations in the educational materials that it distributes.
Steele, who lived in Tennessee, has written high adventure stories in which a young male hero (Caje Amos in Winter Danger is 11; Chris Brabson in The Perilous Road is 14) reaches beyond himself to achieve an authentic benefit for his community or family.
He is a past chair of CAJE and was executive director of the Agency for Jewish Education in the Greater East Bay.