CAKCCharlottesville Albemarle Kennel Club (Virginia)
CAKCChambersburg Area Kennel Club (Gettysburg, PA)
CAKCCentral Aroostook Kennel Club (est. 1973; Maine)
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CAKC dipole particularly presents normal mode and axial mode simultaneously when [K.sub.i] [greater than or equal to] 2.
Full-wave EM analysis is performed for both [K.sub.0] linear monopole and [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole in 1 GHz-10GHz.
Accordingly, [absolute value of [S.sub.11]] of [K.sub.2] CAKC presents penta-bands ([absolute value of [S.sub.11]] [less than or equal to] -10 dB), of which [f.sub.1] = 1.31GHz (L- band), [f.sub.2] = 3.14 GHz (C-band), [f.sub.3] = 3.63 GHz (WiMAX+C-band), [f.sub.4] = 4.65 GHz (C-band), and [f.sub.5] = 7.71 GHz (C-band).
As shown in Table 3, unlike the CAKC dipole counterparts, the adjacent frequency ratios [[delta].sub.n] of [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole are not equal to the fractal scale ratio [[sigma].sub.n] but vary from 2.4 to 1.2, because the five bands are not all produced by the fractal iteration.
We measured radiation patterns of [f.sub.1], [f.sub.2], [f.sub.3], [f.sub.4], and [f.sub.5] of [K.sub.2] CAKC in a 3D anechoic chamber.
Just like [K.sub.0] linear at [f.sub.1] = 1.32 GHz, [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole also has ideal dipole-like radiation patterns at [f.sub.1] = 1.31 GHz, which are omnidirectional in H-plane (Theta = 90[degrees]-XOY), doughnut-shaped in E-plane (Phi = 90[degrees]-YOZ; V-polarization) with null in axial direction (+Z-axis), with peak in the horizon (X/Y-axis), and slightly lower gain G = 1.83dBi, as shown in Fig.
Due to geometrical consistency and performance correlativity, [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole's radiation properties can be observed form its [K.sub.2] CAKC dipole counterparts in Section 3.
In conclusion, [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole unprecedentedly manifests three radiation modes simultaneously: axial null, axial peak, and off-axial peak without null, as shown in Figs.
In addition, unlike the counterparts mentioned above, [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole does not has side lobe [14, 26], back lobe, and grating lobe in high frequency, as shown in Figs.
Circularly arced Koch fractal curve (CAKC) is originally proposed.
Then, we configured the [K.sub.2] CAKC fractal wire into a folded monopole with a circular disc copper ground plate.
The proposed [K.sub.2] CAKC folded monopole has penta-bands ([absolute value of [S.sub.11]] [less than or equal to] -10dB) with direct coaxial feeding, of which [f.sub.1] = 1.31GHz (110MHz, 8.4%, L-band), [f.sub.2] = 3.14GHz (100MHz, 3.18%, C-band), [f.sub.3] = 3.63 GHz (150 MHz, 4.13%, WiMAX+C-band), [f.sub.4] = 4.65 GHz (340MHz, 7.31%, C-band), and [f.sub.5] = 7.71GHz (2000 MHz, 25.94%, C-band).