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They also produced flat or unleavened loaves which likely resembled the oven-bottom cakes traditional to Yorkshire.
(22) 'It is ordered for the more reuerence to be geuen to these holy misteries, being the sacramentes of the bodye and bloud of our Sauior Jesus Chryst, that the same sacra-mentall bread be made and formed plaine without any figures therupon, of the same finenesse & fashion rounde, though somwhat bygger in compasse and thickenes, as the usuall breade and wafer heretofore named syngynge cakes, which serued for the use of the priuate masse'.
Johnston and Rogerson in their note to the 1446 list of gratuities write, 'The only meaning given for 'waferer' in the oed is "a maker or seller of wafers or thin cakes".
figure By VICTOR JUMA The competition watchdog has ordered oil marketer Vivo Energy, which trades under the Shell brand, to sell or close two fuel stations of Engen Kenya whose operations it is acquiring.The takeover condition set by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) is intended to check market dominance by Vivo.
The transaction will see Vivo acquire 13 out of the 15 Engen service stations it had initially targeted.Vivo will be required to sell Engens fuel station on Parklands Road and another one on Enterprise Road, with the CAK noting that the merged entity will have little competition in these particular areas.
The two firms will focus on bid rigging and collusive tendering as they seek to break down cartels that dominate multi-billion shilling public procurement.The committees first assignment will be poring through all major tender documents stored with government entities to seek out any red flags that may point to collusive tendering and thereafter apply the law accordingly, said Wangombe Kariuki, CAKs director-general.
figure By JOHN MUTUAbr Competition watchdog and the procurement regulator Wednesday signed a deal to stump out collusion among businessmen seeking public sector contracts in a rising trend that has seen the State overpay for goods and services.Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) and Public Procurement Regulatory Authority will review all major past tender documents to identify rogue traders that have been playing the system to lock out competitors from State tenders.